Nau mai, Haere mai!

Welcome to Kahurangi Toi Ātea - where the arts of the heavenly cloak will be housed.


Kahurangi Toi Ātea

For nearly 40 years, Kahurangi has been dedicated to performing, sharing and teaching our Māori customs and taonga with individuals, schools and organisations around the world.

Now, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to access our teachings via Kahurangi Toi Ātea, our online learning platform dedicated to growing knowledge and sharing treasures.

We’ll be developing workshops for Waiata (songs), Whai (string games), Māori Kēmu (Māori games), Poi and much more. New courses, containing a number of workshops, will be released on the regular basis for you to unlock 40 years of knowledge. 

Visit Whare Ako

Whare Ako is Kahurangi Toi Ātea’s house of learning, where you’ll find a forever increasing range of workshops added throughout the seasons. Unlock 40 years of Māori wisdom, knowledge and taonga (treasures). These workshops are suitable for learners of all ages and stages, so kuhu mai!